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MR Stuudio OÜ was founded in 1993 and by now we have grown into an acknowledged 
designer and manufacturer of product and brand advertisements. Long-standing experience in the field of illuminated signs, graphic lettering and digital printing, as well as understanding of various materials and technologies provide us with assurance when rendering services to you.

We are ready to help you in word and in deed if you require:

Contour cut stickers

  • Digital printing
  • Large-format printing
  • Stickers
  • Wall photos
  • Machine-cut letters
  • Graphic lettering
  • Lamination
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Illuminated signs
  • LED advertising screens
  • Brochure design

Our mission is the flexible implementation of innovative thinking, know-how and experience in attending the clientele. Taking into account these criteria, our wish is to improve the quality of visual environment surrounding us. We service our customers and deal with our colleagues with attention and care.

Environmental policy
In manufacturing the advertisements it is inevitable to utilize materials, the production and/or subsequent elimination of which is exhaustive for the environment.
It is of extreme importance for us to develop environmental awareness by training our employees and to reach general environmental economy of the enterprise from office work to production.

Letters cut with a routerTherefore we consume the materials thriftily, destroy the hazardous waste created in our work pursuant to the environmental regulations and try to use recycled materials if possible.

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MR Stuudio OÜ

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Telefon: +372 650 4844