Wall art and photographic wallpaper -
odour free and environmentally friendly digital photo printing

Materials printed with new water-based latex inks are odour free, immediately usable and easier on the environment. Latex inks comply with the Nordic Swan Label standard and many of the materials used are recyclable.

Certified environmentally friendly wallpaperIt is now possible to print on vinyl, textile or wallpaper in a more environmentally friendly manner and regardless of technology involved you can be assured of good quality because:

  • all print medias have been individually profiled and ICC profiles have been measured
  • we are using inks that are HAPs free
  • Stable air humiditystable air humidity in our production rooms guarantees a stable environment for our printers to work in and therefore a more stable print quality

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GREENGUARD certificate

GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification Criteria

The digital print we produce on wallpaper materials is odour free. Furthermore HP wallpaper and textile printed on our HP latex printer comply with the environmental certificate GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification Criteria. These wallpaper and textile materials are especially suitable for interior locations such as kitchen and children’s rooms.

Available materials include PVC-free fleece wallpaper, vinyl coated wallpaper and textile wallpaper.

  • Display permanence (not exposed to direct sunlight) 7 years (canvas excluded)
  • Paper, fleece and vinyl wallpapers are moisture resistant
  • All printable wallpapers comply with fire resistance standard B1
  • Wallpaper printed with a latex printer gives an odour free product and therefore the printed wallpaper is especially suitable for children’s rooms etc.

Air humidifying system in our production rooms guarantees a stable printing quality.


Gallery quality large format wall art printing, mounting and framing.

We print wall art on matte or glossy materials that may be laminated as needed to give the printed surface additional UV protection, dust and scratch resistance. Three types of laminates are available: matte, semi-matte and glossy.

ICC profiles have been measured individually for all materials to guarantee the best possible colour reproduction.

Printed adhesive vinyl can be mounted on the following board materials:

Kapa board

Kapa is a 5 mm or 10 mm PU board used in interior locations. It is recommended to use the Kapa Mount board, which has a rigid middle layer that doesn’t allow the board to bend.


Durable, lightweight, water resistant and eco-smart cardboard material with laminated sandwich construction gives good structural strength and great printing properties. Whilst Re-board is slightly heavier than Kapa board, it is also much stronger. Re-board is a 100% recyclable material.

Composite board

Composite board is a 3-layer material, where a PE board has been covered on both sides by a 0.3 mm aluminium layer. The PE layer gives the material lightness and aluminium provides rigidness and a smoothness of surface. The composite board is weatherproof and easily processed. It is possible to make curved wall art or wall art that requires other special shapes.


Photographic glass is a good way to liven up the interior. Photographic glass kitchen splashbacks, sliding doors and interior walls are durable, easy to maintain and hygienic. Photographic panels are resistant to moisture, fire and scratches.

Available materials:

  • 4mm and 6mm toughened glass with polished edges
  • Special scratch-resistant 4mm acrylic sheet

To diffuse visibility or reduce the amount of light regular decorative vinyls (etched film etc) can be used – they may be printed on or die cut into patterns.


  • Matte canvas resembles that used by painters and it can be sewn and stretched onto a frame.
  • Quality glue laminated timber frames are used for stretching printed canvas on.
  • Textile materials for roll-up stands and other presentational materials are durable, non-bending and opaque.
  • For backlit panels and other backlit surfaces a special translucent textile can be used, which provides the best possible colour reproduction.
  • All textiles comply with fire resistance standard B1.

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