Cutting around a pre-printed image.using a drag blade to perform the cut. Both Kiss Cut (cutting through vinyl up to its backing material) and Through Cut (contour cut pre-printed decals/stickers completely through the media) options can be used.

A tool for cutting thicker POP/POS materials (e.g. X-board, Re-board, Kappa, corrugated cardboard, etc.) at a 45-degree angle for display applications. V-Cuts enable to fold large-scale promotional materials for easy packaging and transportation.

45°, 30° ja 60° MILLING

Crease lines are applied on paper and cardboard materials to perform neat foldings.

Perforation allows the various parts of the perforated paper to be separated from one another by simply “folding and tearing along the dotted line.”

Before series production, we can provide packaging or POP prototypes of final design to achieve the exact look you are going for.

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